Movement Optimization Program (TM)

Our F.I.T. and Youth F.I.T. program combines it all together to give each person a competitive edge in their training!

Movement Optimization Program (TM)

FIT Movement System (TM)

Our Youth FIT and FIT Movement System (TM) is a high organized, indexed and specialized movement progression system that supports our philosophy of Mover Better—Move More. (TM) It provides a tangible pathway for healthier movement habits and movement betterment.  It empowers individuals to be more mindful and efficient related to movement patterns, asymmetries and body balance.  This system underpins the notion that how you move matters, and that the facet of movement health that has the greatest rate of return and impact on all other fitness facets is movement efficiency.

We recognize that the absence of pain does not necessarily mean there is healthy movement present. If pain exists or persists so does movement compensation.  The FIT Movement System will highlight regions of deficiency and proficiency and will target restoring or progressing movement patterns to address dysfunctional parts and improve functional performance.

Developing a more robust and healthier movement framework imparts protection from the ravages of stress, age and illness while additionally buffering the impact of injury.  We desire for you to enjoy the experience of movement for as long as possible doing what you want to do for as long as possible.

We apply this framework of care whether you are recovering from surgery, aspiring to offset age related degenerative changes, looking to optimize performance or are dealing with effects of acute or chronic pain.  We balance this with your own unique history and movement profile individuality to elevate your activity baseline and achieve your goals.

Our YouthFIT and FIT through movement programs are used to examine and evaluate movement dysfunction of those participating in sport, desiring to get an edge in the sport performance or training realm or those seeking better resiliency and recovery.  Even the youngest show profiles that tend to be over-skilled or over-powered related to their foundational movement skill.  With greater focus on early sport specialization, this gap between sport specific skill and requisite foundational movement skill is exponentially gapping.  There is a cost to the movement system in this.

From basic movement to high performance athletes, we help you meet your goals at any level. We train your brain and body to move correctly to achieve your next level of fitness or performance.  We offer various services and interventions to assist and support betterment through the process of Move Better—Move More.  TM

Movement Optimization Program (TM)