Patient Resources


Treichler Sports & Family Chiropractic Physical Therapy accepts most Insurance Plans, Worker’s Compensation, Motor Vehicle Accident. Please consult your insurance carrier or insurance booklet for Chiropractic Coverage. Payment and co-payment are due at the time of service. We will bill your insurance carrier as a courtesy to you. Any balance not covered by insurance (co-insurances and/or deductibles, etc) is the responsibility of the patient.

We have payment plans or care credit plans for patients and their families that do not have health insurance or for procedures that are not covered under their particular health insurance plan. These plans are not MANDATORY as we do participate in many health plans. These plans are designed for patients who wish to be treated for Wellness Care which may not be covered under conventional insurance plans or may have hardship issues. Please contact our office for any questions.

Upon your first visit we will verify insurance benefits and discuss any questions you may have about your coverage. We understand that medical bills and insurance claims are very confusing so please ask if you have any questions or contact your insurance carrier.

All insurance plans are agreements between the subscriber (usually the patient) and the insurance company. Please understand your Employer has the ability to purchase an insurance plan tailored to their specifications that may be unique to them. It is not possible for Treichler Sports & Family Chiropractic Physical Therapy to be familiar with all the various types of plans. We will make every attempt to verify coverage with your insurance company. We rely on the insurance provider to give us the correct information; however that sometimes does not occur. Because errors do occur, it is the patient’s responsibility to know their insurance plans specific benefits. Please refer to your insurance policy booklet or call your insurance company to verify your Chiropractic or Physical Therapy benefits.