Our Mission

As locally owned and operated clinics, our goal is to partner with patients and the community to provide balanced care and an integrative platform across multiple disciplines to reduce symptoms of illness and injuries, promote better functional movement related to health, and preventive care services. Our integrative platform allows for better continuity of care among your healthcare team, faster recovery, and more options for your care in one setting for your illnesses and injuries.

Our integrated practice model more effectively and efficiently supports the movement betterment process which decreases pain, improves movement, improves balance, and overall health.


(1) PREPARE: to organize healing joints & tissues to decrease symptoms such as pain and loss of mobility,

(2) PRIME: Build a foundation of mobility and stability to improve your ability to load the body with stresses of everyday life and activity,

(3) PERFORM: increasing exertional loading (stress) on the body to allow you to return to full activity safely, and

(4) PREVENT: to support you going forward to not return to the illness or injury and better your overall health and wellness.

We partner with each of our patients to guide them towards their goals of less pain, better movement, and a better active life through Better Movement!

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide our patients with TOP quality health-care, individual attention to your specific illness or injuries, and provide all ages the platform for them to excel in their life or sports participation.

We are a proud members of the American Physical Therapy Association, Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association, Functional Movement Systems, Forward Thinking Chiropractic Alliance, National Athletic Trainers Association, American Massage Therapy Association, American Chiropractic Association, and Pa Athletic Trainers Society.

We are Evidence Based Clinics